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I'm not moving, but I've decided to "move" my primary blog elsewhere. If you'd like to continue to read what I've chosen to write, please feel free to go to kristinjhand.com for all future posts.

I'll be keeping this account, as there are blogs I read here, but I'll only be updating sporadically, if at all.


A Great Story!

I saw this story on foxnews.com last night while I was at class, but couldn't post it at the time.

Click here for a story about a child raised by a member of Hamas who has converted to Christianity and the issues he now faces, as well as his viewpoint on the Muslim faith, having lived it for most of his life.

It's a very interesting piece.


Literacy Not Required

It's been a while since I've posted, and my first post in a while is going to be a gripe. Sorry.

In my line of work our student files are virtual, meaning we don't have any file folders in cabinets. As a result, notes on the student's file are entered into our computer system for anyone in the office to read. This is supposed to be helpful, in the event that more than one person talks or emails with a student.

However, I've come to learn, that reading notes has become unnecessary (if not impossible) for some people, and they would prefer to just ask questions that already have answers staring them in the face. Now perhaps if the notes were confusing, that would be one thing, but I know for a fact that the notes in question were clear.

I think the next round of interviews my office does should involve asking questions and making the candidate look up the answers to see if they are able to read and comprehend, without needing people to read the notes for them.


The Dark Knight

I got the opportunity to see "The Dark Knight" last night, and all I can say is WOWOWOW!

I was super concerned that since I don't handle scary movies well, that this would be a tough one for me to watch, but I was not about to miss Christian Bale for the world. Christian did not disappoint, and neither did Heath Ledger.

I was sufficiently creeped out, without being entirely scared to death. I had failed to notice that the movie is PG-13, so there couldn't have been too much gory stuff.

One thing that maybe disappointed a little was that quite a bit of the dry humor from "Batman Begins" was missing. That was one of my favorite parts of the first movie was the humor. Perhaps they cut a lot out due to the darker nature of this film.

I've read that if the Nolans do a 3rd movie, Christian will be there. I'm rooting for that.

Too much Christian Bale is a good thing!


Do I have a problem?

I'm working some overtime today, and noticed something a bit disturbing about myself.

(some necessary background info...I process financial aid for a university for a living)

I am currently working on processing aid for a group of students that started class at the end of May. I have a processing "rhythm" that I work hard to maintain. Then I glanced over at my desk and realized that this "rhytm" takes 9 different writing utensils, 8 ink pens (all different colors) and a highlighter. Even more disturbing, each ink pen color represents something different (based on info I have to look up for each student).

I think I might be losing it.

For Amy

Here's a picture of my newest nephew, JD, taken after his baptism on Memorial Day Sunday.


My Father the Linguist

My dad is no stranger to misused words. He has been known to refer to cars as being "cherry apple" red, and has advised us not to "run a dead horse into the ground." He is really very smart, just sometimes gets his words and cliches mixed.

This past week was another one of those instances. He went golfing at a new course, and so he was telling my mom about the lay of it. He noted that there were several rolling "hills" in the fairways, and then he said it. He told my mom "It was a nice, ovulating course."

Mom said that it took some effort to not laugh in his face. She told him that he probably didn't mean "ovulating," but couldn't come up with the word he was looking for, so she called me. I let her know that "undulating" was the word they really wanted, and that I was glad Dad knew that there was a five dollar word to describe that golf course.

However, this one will go down as one of the best "dad-isms" of all time.


Family Update

My great-aunt Margaret (the wife of my "Grandpa" Jim, who killed himself last month) appears to be doing well.

My mom talked to her this past week, and Aunt Marg told her that while she's never, ever believed in seances, she could really use one right now. That kind of took my mom by surprise given that my Aunt Marg is one of the godliest women we know. Aunt Marg continued by saying that she has two questions she needs to ask Jim:

1) What in the world were you thinking? and
2) Where in the world did you put everything?

Apparently "Grandpa Jim" squirreled away the important paperwork, and my poor Aunt Marg can't seem to find things. She said that she's been trying to think like him and maybe find some clues, but there towards the end he wasn't thinking very clearly and she thinks he may have moved stuff around.

The rest of that family (the 3 adult children and their children) also are doing well, although Memorial Day and Father's Day were extremely difficult for them. My family is strong and very stubborn, so I have no doubts that they'll be fine. However, there are still some holidays coming up, so later in the year might be a rough patch for them.


I love Bob Uecker!

This post will give some insight as to my geekiness, but I am writing it anyways.

I love baseball, specifically Major League Baseball. I can listen to any game, even if I don't root for the teams involved. Today I am listening to the Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta Braves game. The radio broadcaster for the Brewers (the feed I'm streaming) is Bob Uecker.

If you know anything about Mr Uecker, you know that he played the dad in the "Mr Belvedere" TV series, as well as playing a broadcaster in the "Major League" movie franchise. He also does some stand up comedy, and is hilarious if you ask me.

Today, the radio stream gave listeners the opportunity to hear the National Anthem, and to be honest, it wasn't good. The girl singing it changed keys by the second phrase of the song, couldn't find the melody line towards the middle, and completely re-wrote the "rocket's red glare" part of the melody.

Bob's response: "Well, ok. I hope that girl gets better soon." This was followed by: "I certainly hope you weren't eating while she was singing."

He's definitely not one to mince words, but that was a bit more direct than I was expecting.

He certainly makes a game interesting to listen to!


Waterlogged...and perturbed

Yesterday I spent my evening sitting at my sister-in-law's apartment watching her fold laundry and pack boxes. It was a super hot day, and a perfectly cloudless blue sky, so I left my moon roof open while I hung out with her.

About an hour into my visit, I glanced out the window and said "WOW, it's really pouring out there!" Then I went back to my reading and TV watching. Much later that night, I went out to my car to get it ready to load a recliner into, and I glanced at a piece of paper in my front seat and it briefly registered that it looked like it had gotten wet.

It then hit me that I had left the moon roof open, and that it had rained. Both my front seats were soaked, as were a book, a flier about a wedding rehearsal dinner that I am invited to, and the plastic tray thingy that sits between the two front seats.

Fast forward to today. I checked the weather, saw no rain in the forecast for today, so after church I left the moon roof open again, because otherwise my seats won't dry out. The wet seats will only create a sauna effect and it will just start to smell.

About an hour after I get home, my husband calls to say that it's starting to rain at his work (about 20 minutes northwest of our apartment), so I might want to go close the roof. I grab the keys to head to the parking lot....and it was already sprinkling! In fact the sidewalk was completely wet, and there was new water in my car. UGH!

At the rate I'm going, it will take a shopvac to get the water out of my seats. And since I don't have one of those, I think I'm going to have damp pants for a very long time!